About Me

Name: Matej Takac

Age: 18 years young

My artistic life started when I was 12-13 years young. Something captivated me while creating doodles. It then progressed into wanting to have more in-depth knowledge in the art industry. I started looking at the world differently and interpreting it, in my own unique way, through my artwork.

This led me to take an academic approach to Art and Design, later deciding to focus on it as one of my choice subjects for my GCSE’s. After completing my GCSE’s at secondary school level, I attended the sixth form college, where my love for art increased.

Towards the end of my sixth form period, I made the decision to start my own business designing and producing t-shirts. This decision steered me towards a business skills course where I learned valuable skills to effectively run my business.

Alongside running M T E Designs, I attend college where I am currently developing my skills in 3D design to further my knowledge in the Art and Design sector.